• Directors : Gabriel Bergeron and François Robidoux-Descary
  • Producers : Peter Wall and Anna Velasco (SOI)
  • Directors of photography : Gabriel Bergeron and François Robidoux-Descary
  • Additional camera : Nicolas Castel
  • Drone pilots : François Robidoux-Descary, Gabriel Bergeron and Nicolas Castel
  • Editor : Gabriel Bergeron

Two breaths: a cry from the heart of youth

In 2019, as part of the Students on Ice’s Arctic Expedition, many young participants are witnessing the real impact of climate change for the first time in their lives. These young people from around the world decide they have had enough. Together, they write a clear message to leaders: Do better.

Every year, Students on Ice brings more than a hundred students from all over the world on expeditions to the Arctic and Antarctic. Their mission is to teach young people about the importance of the polar regions and inspire them to develop initiatives that will contribute to sustainable development worldwide.