BIEN JOUÉ believes that good creative work is that which places people and enjoyment at the heart of the whole experience. Our studio designs impactful content for all digital platforms.

The web and social media have reinvented themselves a thousand times since 2013. It is in this context that Bien Joué has matured. Our stories are rich in anecdotes and learning. For all these years, one thing has remained the same: a love of film sets and the satisfaction of creating lasting relationships with our partners.

Gabriel Bergeron

Founder ↱ Producer ↱ Director

Having acquired over the years a highly diversified experience, Gabriel is always looking for new, creative and honest ways to tell a story.

Paying particular attention to details, Gabriel prioritizes first and foremost a strong content on which the project will be based. Content that he brings to the forefront through words and through the use of poetic images that support a strong meaning.


Sébastien Iannuzzi

Founder ↱ Producer ↱ Director

Sébastien has been working in the world of video production for more than ten years. His first steps in the field of music and his collaboration with many artists quickly introduced him to filmmaking, which allowed him to combine passion and work.

A zest for life and curious by nature, it is with a human narrative approach that he likes to approach his work. Sébastien carries out all of his projects with enthusiasm and sensitivity: for him, a frank and authentic narrative dressed with posed images will always prevail in what he undertakes.


François Robidoux-Descary

Founder ↱ Producer ↱ Director

Having flirted with journalism and radio, François is particularly fond of the documentary approach. A realistic idealist, he knows how to effectively transform ideas into images and experiences.

As comfortable on a large studio set as in a small team on the road, he is a director who always puts enjoyment and humour first. He has proven himself as a meticulous and responsive producer on several projects in Quebec and abroad.


Gabriel Babin


Passionate about cinema since he was very young, Gabriel found his vocation in editing, which he has been practicing for several years now.

His sharp critical eye, sense of timing and attention to detail make him a formidable and versatile editor. With his sensitive listening skills in documentary and his meticulous eye in fiction, Gabriel has become an indispensable ally within Bien Joué.