• Broadcaster : Noovo
  • Producers : Gabriel Bergeron et Sébastien Iannuzzi
  • Director : François Robidoux-Descary
  • Screenwriter : Erika Mathieu
  • Script-editor : Justine Philie
  • Production manager : Valérie Nadeau
  • DOP : Pierre-Étienne Bordeleau
  • Sound : Dominic Remiro
  • Artistic directors : Marilyne Gauthier-Leduc et Judith Lemay-Bonin
  • Props : Dominik St-Onge
  • Stylist : Marine Saussereau
  • Makeup artist : Sarah Ladouceur
  • Editor : Gabriel Babin
  • Sound design : Réservoir Audio
  • Casting : Marie-Charlotte Aubin
  • Starring : Thomas Boonen, Zakary Auclair, Aurélia Arandi-Longpré, Charlie Laplante, Xavier Roberge, Darianne Ramirez-Blanchette, Théo Larose, Juliette Gariépy, Benjamin Déziel, Élodie Grenier, Catherine St-Laurent, Tommy Joubert, David Strasbourg, Ariane Castellanos, Hugo Giroux, Valérie Cantin

20h30 chez Mathieu, a Bien Joué webseries

Phil, Vincent, Mel, Carl and Vanessa, now in their thirties, reunite following the death of their old friend Mathieu, who was part of their once close-knit high school friends group. At the wake held at the home of the deceased’s parents, the old friends reminisce nostalgically about the epic party that took place there in 2005. In retrospect, they realize that this peach schnapps-flavored evening marked their lives in many ways.



A few highlights

20h30 chez Mathieu won the award for best short series episode at the Rendez-vous Québec Cinéma in March 2023. The series also won the Grand Prix for short series at the Courts d’un soir festival, a few weeks before it was officially released. Since then, 20h30 chez Mathieu has continued to shine at international festivals, including Spain’s Serielizados, New Zealand’s NZ webfest and Brazil’s Rio webfest.


Complementary content to the series

A few video vignettes related to the series were produced during filming. One deals with the story behind 20h30 Chez Mathieu. Another focuses on the characters, featuring some of the series’ actors. The last focuses on the elements of art direction, costumes and make-up that mark the filming of the story set in 2005.




We also produced a podcast on various themes related to the series. Through eight episodes, Chloée Deblois discusses youthful mistakes, basement parties and first experiences with the director and some of the actors of 20h30 chez Mathieu.