• Client : OYAP Coordinators Provincial Affiliation
  • Producer : Gabriel Bergeron
  • Director : Gabriel Bergeron & Gabriel Masella
  • Graphic designer : Gabriel Masella
  • Sound Design : Réservoir Audio

Let OYAP lend you a hand

Questions about the future can often be dizzying for young people between grades 5 and 8. The image they have of the future is often the one put forward by their parents. But what if there was another option? The Ontario Youth Apprenticeship Program (OYAP) offers young people the opportunity to learn skilled professions in the form of CO-OP during their studies. It’s the perfect way to discover a profession they’re passionate about.

This animated video is Bien Joué’s first collaboration with OYAP. For this project, the idea was to target young people before they enter High School. We’re talking about an audience aged between 9 and 12. To reach our target, the team decided to incorporate a hand-shaped animated character design. The idea here was to represent manual jobs, but in a funny way. The result is a bright, vibrant world that speaks precisely to the target audience. This choice of design for the characters is also behind the slogan we developed: “Let PAJO lend you a hand.”