• Client : Productions Palmarès
  • With : Laurence Champagne
  • Director : Sébastien Iannuzzi
  • Producer : François Robidoux-Descary
  • Director of photography : Antoine Turcotte
  • Camera assistant : Hubert Auger
  • Production manager : Géraldine Beaulieu
  • Stylist : Corinne Fortin
  • Hair and make-up : Marie-Pier Arès
  • Editor : Sébastien Iannuzzi
  • Color correction : Julien Mailhiot-Guyon (Post-Moderne)

My final pour: Matt Lang’s second music video by Bien Joué

After one too many slip-ups that cost him his girlfriend, Matt is dragged into the woods by his best friends to get off the hook, somehow or other. My Final Pour is Matt Lang’s second track for which Bien Joué has produced a music video.