• Client : Pointe-à-Callière Museum
  • Producers : Julie Beaulieu & François Robidoux-Descary
  • Director : Sébastien Iannuzzi
  • DOP & color correction : Pierre-Étienne Bordeleau
  • Artistic director : Yann Jobin
  • Sound : Kyel Loadenthal
  • 1st AC : Félix G. Even
  • Gaffer : Youri Pelletier
  • Grip : Norbert Denis-Blais
  • Production assistants : Marjorie de Chantal & Vincent Bombardier
  • 3D printing : FSJ Impression 3D
  • VFX artist : Frédéric Mathieu
  • Editor : Gabriel Babin
  • Sound design : Réservoir audio
  • Special FX : Blood Brothers

Vikings dock in the Old Port

As part of the “VIKINGS: Dragons of the Northern Sea” exhibition, the Pointe-à-Callière Museum offers an immersive epic journey through an exceptional Viking collection. Maxime Robin plays the Skald, a mysterious character who is much more than a poet extolling the exploits of his clan. A storyteller of legends, he preserves and shares the memories of his people with anyone who will listen. Throughout the exhibition, five televisions play a different tableau depicting the Skald in his Scandinavian universe. These tableaux will transport you to the heart of his village, to battlefields, to the feet of the northern lights, and even to the gates of Valhalla! The vertical format gives the viewer the impression of coming face to face with a life-size Skald.

Art direction was a mix of historical sets by Yann Jobin, realistic paintings by Gaucher Studio, props from the museum exhibition and custom 3D prints. The Blood Brothers were also able to add their own touch of practical effects: burning sets, winter powder, north winds and lit torches enhanced the realism of the scenes shot. Beyond the sets, the pièce de résistance was to be found right in our Skald, with Denis Parent’s long blond wigs and hairpieces, and Louise Jobin’s varied and skilfully concocted costumes.

VIKINGS remains a production rooted in the realism of the Scandinavian universe, far removed from the stereotypes familiar to the general public. Curator Samuel Moreau’s deep love of this universe ensured that throughout the production, historical authenticity guided all artistic choices.