• Client : Bravo Musique
  • Producer : François Robidoux-Descary
  • Director : Audrey Nantel-Gagnon
  • Production manager : Mélanie Langlois
  • Production coordinator : Valérie Nadeau
  • Production assistant : Jean-Michel Aumais
  • DOP : Étienne Dagenais
  • Artistic director : Amy Thibault
  • Movement director : Fannie Côté
  • Steadicam operator : Jessica Roux
  • 1st assistant camera : Léo Mangeon
  • Gaffer-grip : Saad abas
  • Hair and makeup : Karine Poirier
  • Stylist : Marlond Samedy
  • Editor : Marianne Boucher
  • Color correction : Olivier Séguin-Dang
  • with : thaïs, Marlond Samedy, Andrée-Anne Leriche-Jacques, Tabi Yosha, Antoine Perreault, Rosaire Gagné.

Gliding gently into the twilight

Bravo Musique entrusted Bien Joué with the production of thaïs’ music video “Tout est parfait”, directed by Audrey Nantel-Gagnon. “Tout est parfait” is a dreamlike, colorful music video that evokes movement and the thirst for freedom. thaïs herself gravitates in a vaporous universe, featuring electric scooters, multicolored neon lights, a Westfalia that blends into the background and inflatable bouncy castles.