• Client : Artifice
  • Producer : François Robidoux-Descary
  • Director : Sébastien Iannuzzi
  • DOP : Antoine Turcotte
  • Gaffer : Saad Abas
  • Grip : Charléli Simard
  • Artistic direction : Amy Thibault
  • Hair and makeup : Catherine Brunelle
  • Editor : Marjorie De Chantal
  • Starring : Natacha Filiatrault, Naomi Hilaire, Matthew Quigley et Jean-Benoit Labrecque-Gilbert

Kinkead invites us into their Savane

To mark the first anniversary of their album Migration, Kinkead have released a music video of an unreleased version of their song Savane. Between lush foliage and sweltering trees, twin brothers Henri (piano) and Simon (guitar) Kinkead come up with an acoustic melody. In the heart of a mid-century house, the stage gradually reveals bodies entranced by the duo’s words. These bodies, with their half-human, half-animal energies, dance to the rhythm of Savane, intertwining and delicately imposing themselves on the band’s performance.

Naomi Hilaire, Natacha Filiatrault, Matthew Quigley and Jean-Benoit Labrecque embody the characters that gravitate around the band throughout the video. Each movement, however random, accentuates the sensual feeling emanating from the song. Amy Thibault signs the artistic direction, with her generous forest set in the heart of a house. Catherine Brunelle (make up artist) gives the dancers an earthy look, making them seem wilder, as if they were stepping out of their natural habitat. Savane, a love song written by a man, for a man, is in line with the group’s artistic approach to showcasing LGBTQ+ diversity, a recurring theme on their album Migration.