• With : Alex B. Martin, Francis Goulet, Jo Côté, Gabriel Babin.
  • Directors / Producers : François Robidoux-Descary, Sébastien Iannuzzi and Gabriel Bergeron
  • Director of photography : Antoine Turcotte
  • Sound : Dominic Remiro
  • Make-up artist : Catherine Brunelle
  • Production manager : Gaëlle Goulet-Bourdon
  • Editor : Gabriel Babin
  • Sound design / Sound mixing : Réservoir Audio
  • Special thanks : SLA Location and Post-Moderne

A Christmas mockumentary

Charrier du gear is a blog that highlights all the “charrieux” of this world. But beware: not everyone who wants to be charrieux can be a charrieux! A manifesto has been written, setting out the rules to be followed, to separate the real charrieux from the fake. This documentary goes behind the scenes of the industry behind the clichés and shows everyone the genesis of a movement that is now global.

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This video was produced for fun, as a “Christmas card” in 2018. We wanted to find a way to salute the work of all our employees, while at the same time making a nod to some classic situations in the world of video production.