• With : Faith Benson, Jerome Teague, Daniel Joseph Spohn, Jessie Bell, Jeron Bray, Jeremy Miller and Chelsea Lynn
  • Client : Productions Palmarès
  • Director : Sébastien Iannuzzi
  • Producer : François Robidoux-Descary
  • Assistant director : François Robidoux-Descary
  • Director of photography : Gabriel Bergeron
  • Hair and make-up : Marie-Pier Arès
  • Stunt coordinator : Jerome Teague
  • Editor : Sébastien Iannuzzi
  • Color correction : Julien Mailhiot-Guyon (Post-Moderne)

A good old-fashioned barroom brawl

In a seedy bar in Tennessee, Matt Lang is performing. On the menu: music, beer and brawl. While the punches, fights and broken bottles are in full swing, Matt tries to continue his performance as if nothing has happened. Just another friday night y’all.

We traveled to Nashville, Tennessee to film Matt Lang’s first ever music video. To soak up the values and tone Matt wanted to give to his album, the music video pays tribute to the typical American dive bar.

The short stay in the United States was well filled. A team of stuntmen under the direction of Jerome Teague, an essential asset in the execution of the concept, and local actors allowed us to fill the mythical Springwater Supper Club. Decorated with American flavours, the place was perfect to recreate a fight worthy of the Road House or Dukes of Hazard movies.