• Client : MP3 Disques
  • Director : Sébastien Iannuzzi
  • Producer : Gabriel Bergeron
  • Director of photography : Antoine Turcotte
  • Art director : Taos-Daphné Houasnia
  • Editor : Sébastien Iannuzzi
  • Voice over : Bernard Fabi
  • Graphic design : Stephane Lamontagne

Mario Pelchat presents Noël ensemble, performed by Les Prêtres and several guest artists

Supported by a talented choir of four priests, three seminaries and a bishop, Les Prêtres offers a religious Christmas album accompanied by an exceptional group of artists: Nicole Martin, 2Frères, Tocadéo, Cindy Daniel, Sophia-Rose Bélanger, Michaël and Mario pelchat, who are just a few of the 14 artists invited to lend their voices on the album.

It is in the spirit of the holiday season that the artists who participated in the project are invited to listen to the album in Quebec City during a dinner orchestrated by Pelchat, Les Prêtres and Bien Joué. Under the theme of conviviality, the meal gives way to camaraderie to celebrate the work accomplished.

Bien Joué filmed images that were then used to promote the album (making of, ads and self-promotion). It is under the delicate artistic direction of Taos-Daphné Houasnia and the warm direction of photography of Antoine Turcotte that the evening unfolds, wrapped in a fairy-tale decor that resembles a classic Christmas.