• Client : MP3 Disques
  • Director : Sébastien Iannuzzi
  • Producer : François Robidoux-Descary
  • Director of photography : Gabriel Bergeron
  • Hair and make-up : Marie-Pier Arès
  • Recording / Sound mixing : Julien Bouchard & Steve Lemay

A first live session music video for 2Frères

To pay tribute to the sweet melody composed by Sonny Caouette for the song M’aimerais-tu pareil? by 2Frères, nine musicians gathered in a studio to bring the song to life. A live recording, which is not on the album, and which later touched thousands of Quebecers. A hymn to love that lingers through time, softly and simply.

A total of four violins, a double bass, drums, a guitar, a grand piano and a singer are in the Circuit-Est dance studio to deliver a performance of the track released a few months earlier.

It is under the supervision of Julien Bouchard and Steve Lemay from Studio London that the live recording takes place.

The footage had to be filmed very smoothly in order to blend in with the sweet melody performed by the whole band. With more than 5 million views, the music video for M’aimerais-tu pareil? continues to reach audiences across Quebec.